Radiant Life utilizes Facebook Live Event, Vimeo, along with other real time, online streaming services to provide an opportunity for the world to experience Radiant Life each week.  We have included a sampling of our services below, with new additions added each week.  You can catch our live event on Facebook each week at https://www.facebook.com/radiantlife.michiana/


Most live their life less than abundant.  Jesus promised an abundant life, but many live their lives exhausted, beleaguered and demoralized.  In this powerful series, Pastor John shares the keys to the abundant life many desire, but few experience. 


The lord of the storm

Jesus slept while the disciples worried.  When they woke Jesus, the winds, rain and waves were of gale force, causing them to panic.  In one action, Jesus made the winds, waves and worry go away.  In this powerful message, Pastor John Utley shares that Jesus is more than Lord over a storm, but LORD over everything.  This video has been our most popular so far, seen by over 4,000 people.  Check it out!

Recent messages

Each week, Radiant Life Live Streams the message part of the service.  These are the most recent.




The condition of the heart determines the quality of life, both with the heart beating in your chest, and your 
spiritual heart.  Today, Pastor John Utley of Radiant Life Church will share the spiritual 
truths found in Mark 4, dealing with the heart.  A healthy heart leads to a great life!

 Deceitful Demon Possessed, Maniacal Madman or Lord of Glory?

Pastor John Utley is going to answer the question of whether Jesus was a maniacal madman, a deceitful demon possessed man, or Lord over all things. The answer is both personal and powerful.

When God Let's You Off The Hook

Today, we are talking about the time God lets you off the hook...and what He see's in you that He can use for His kingdom..from Mark 3...

Brittle Life or Better Life?

Are you living a 'brittle life' or a "Better Life?" Today, Pastor John Utley shares from The Gospel of Mark and the call of Jesus to a better life!