The power of 3

The Power of 3 is a discipleship based micro group designed to grow in faith, relationship and outreach.  The group is composed of four individuals (gender based), meeting together for 90 minutes once a week.  They meet for a minimum of 11 weeks, but can extend to 20 weeks.  The Power of 3 is THE WORD OF GOD, THE SPIRIT OF GOD and THE PEOPLE OF GOD.  The groups consist of a group leader, co-leader, and two more participants.  Group Leader and Co-Leader training is found below, as well as the training for each weekly session.    

The group member guide is here:  The_Power_of_3_Booklet.pdf

Group Leader Weekly Teaching

Each week, Pastor John Utley teaches Power of 3 Group Leaders teaching to prepare them to lead their group.  This information is intended for leaders of Power of 3 groups.