So you are looking for a mission

it's not the big things that make mission, it's just a simple thing

Jesus made the heart of the believer's mission clear. One day he was asked what the greatest commandment was and he said it was simple. Love God, Love People. Everything that the prophets wrote, and spoke come back to this. At Radiant Life, we feel our mission is just that: Loving God, and loving People. It is the heart of God, it is the heart of the great commission, and the stream that from which all ministry flow. That's the big picture look at the mission, but it flows into worship, discipleship, evangelism, prayer, and fellowship. Radiant Life began with the end in mind...with a goal of bringing every man, woman and child into the Radiant Life Jesus promised.

Our Core Values

it's what is important to us


We are on a journey of faith together. We depend on the transforming power of God. We pray for one another. We live the life Christ called us to abundant life in Him.


We invest in the lives of others. We share each other’s burdens and rejoice in each other’s victories. We consider others more important than ourselves. In every way, we love people


We do the right thing. We do what we say we will do. We tell each other the truth. If we fail, we own up.


We invite the ideas and opinions of others. We defer to one another’s unique abilities and gifts. We have authority that matches our level of responsibility. We rally together for common goals. We work together for the common aim of loving people and loving God.

We Don't Settle

We pay fanatical attention to quality and detail. We exceed the expectations of those whom we serve. We find new ways to improve. We don't settle for mediocrity. We strive for fun, engaging and life changing....everything.