Radiant Life is in the infancy of digital video media of services. Our eventual goal is to be live with our services, no matter where we worship.

The Last Great Days of a Once Godly Nation

There is a statement that says that "those who can not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." In America's case, there is a nation that parallels our history. As we started on biblical principles, so did Israel. As we grew and relied on God, so did Israel. But, also as Israel did, America began the turn away from God and now finds that the same outcome of God's chosen people could be ours, Pastor John shares the moment we find ourselves in and the critical need we have for Revival.

#downwithselfie, RENAMED from Radiant Life Church, Elkhart, IN on Vimeo

#downwithselfie, RENAMED

Jacob's youngest son was named by his mom, like all of his brothers, but with this one, Jacob made a decision that would affect the child's destiny forever. Sometimes a moment in history tries to define our destiny too. If we allow it, that moment will become our name...what we are known by....but God wants to rename our moment into something glorious. He wants to rename our sorrow, and call it a blessing.

Altar(ed), The Disease to Please

Do you have the "disease to please people" disease? The need to please people afflicts all of us at one time or another, unfortunately, it is a jealous taskmaster. Some people are not easily pleased, and with others, the way to please them may push you past your ability to meet their expectations or push you beyond your morals to accomplish. How does one rid themselves of the 'disease to please people' disease? It is the altar….for only there can one be altar(ed) to please God.

This is just a sampling of services from Radiant Life. Radiant Life's media has been viewed in over 40 nations with thousands of downloads. Our goal is to begin the process of live streaming services, and uploading more content as the Lord provides funds to buy equipment.