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You got questions, we have answers. Maybe not the right answer, or the answer you want, maybe just an answer we made up...but we have answers. Actually, we will try to answer every question with serious looks and an occasional nod.

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There are tons of ways to contact us. Come to a service...currently meeting at 2936 Lillian Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46514...thank you very much.

You can also call us, write us, facebook message us, send up smoke signals to us (although we can't read desperation from afar), you can fax us, or use this page to send us a message. Honestly, we want you to know that we care and want to hear from you.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 840, Granger, Indiana 46530, USA

Telephone: 574.675.0996

Fax: 574.675.0996